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Many of our clients do not decide on day one what type of expansion they wish to undertake when entering China or Thailand. Should one acquire a competitor or a suppier? Should one partner with a local firm? Should one build out a branch network? Should one go national, or just focus on a region? Which product mix is best suited for the local market?

​At iMiracle we can help guide you in making these decisions, and then follow through to helping you implement your preferred strategy. We have extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with the financial and operational requirements associated with transactions in Asia. As an exclusive advisory firm, we provide a fully customised solution to each of our clients.

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More than just providing broad strategic plans, we work with our clients from planning stage through to execution and finally to conclusion. We know that each case is unique therefore we offer long-lasting and effective solutions that cater to each of our client’s needs.​

TURNAROUND STRATEGY ​Economic and regulatory conditions are constantly changing, sometimes with adverse consequences for businesses. Our consultants work with our clients in turning around operations to achieve profitability.

GROWTH STRATEGY ​We work with our clients to develop entry and expansion strategies for their businesses in China and Thailand. As an Asian specialist, we are able to expertly navigate with our clients through a complex web of regulatory and compliance issues.

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The fundamental principle of our Corporate Finance and M&A practice is: to bring the right deal, at the right time and at the right price for our clients. Our advice is independent and impartial.​

We company our clients from projects initiation through to regulatory approvals. Our services include:

  • Developing list of potential buyers / targets
  • Hiring the deal team (lawyers, accountants, real estate valuers)
  • Due diligence
  • Building the data-room
  • Documentation
  • Negotiations
  • Liaising with regulatory entities (Ministry of Commerce, Foreign Exchange authorities, State-owned equity exchanges, etc.)
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Strategy613 has advised the Government of China on various projects and policy initiatives including Trade, Retailing, Renewable Energy and Security. We have also helped organise international roadshows for provincial governments, and high level official visits between Thailand and China.

​ We continue to foster excellent relations with central and local government organisations in Thailand and China and our solid reputation among such organisations is not without justification. We also proactively promote constructive dialogue between corporates and governments to encourage mutual understanding and trust, and have consistently structured win-win partnerships and programmes between all the parties involved.


In Asia, relationship is key. Having the right partner in the right type of relationship is the fine line between success and failure for businesses in Asia.

At Strategy613 we have an extensive relationship network of regional, national and multinational companies, businesses and organisations operating in Asia, and they provide us with unparalleled access to and knowledge of the prevailing market conditions. Through this network and based on our knowledge we are well suited to assist our clients in developing long-lasting and beneficial partnerships in Asia.

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